The Boundaries Towards of Lost Love ( 2016 )


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released September 3, 2016


Released by: KLOVER MUSIC
Produced by: WIZARD

Guitar & Bass Recorded at Endless Records
Drums, Vocals Recorded at Plug Studio
Enginered by Yor's, Chads, Dhea & Gema Pasha
Mixed & Mastered by Gema Pasha at Plug Sudio Recording Cibubur, Jakarta - Indonesia

All Muic by WIZARD
Lyrics written by Ma'arif Budi Mardiano & Rangga Putra Buana
Except Run Out of Time by Ricky Sebastian
Guest vocal on " After Twenty Years " by Gagadc ( Modern Guns )
Guest vocal on " Witness " by Elmer ( Limerence )

Cover Model by Angel Fortuna
Art & Ilustration by Ma'arif Budi Mardianto & Rangga Putra Buana
Layout by Muhdiyan El Anshory

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all rights reserved


WIZARD Depok, Indonesia

Melodic Hardcore From Depok CIty West Java - Indonesia

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Track Name: After Twenty Years

Life is a determination of which direction we should go
Cause’ maybe this is the shape of a belief that will bring our step to go further
It’s not easy to bring the fire in the empty hands
But i believe the alteration will be on my side

Today I started with a white sheet
Until I’m arrived in the hope that will take me into the future
Life is so easy if we use time well as long as we live
Don’t easily give up because time will answer that question

This is something which is so important and each event will be recorded
Across all the darkness that turned to light
Face all kinds of pressure that will make you fall
And dream will become reality

It’s time for me to go to a better life because
Today I started with a white sheet
Track Name: The End of A Journey

I’m just a human who’s trying to survive
Keep holding my purpose and try to do anything
I always walk alone with no one to accompany
And keep looking for the right place to live my life

Down to the town but finding no clues
I’ve been looking for something to lead my life
I’m so tired of carrying this burden by myself
But I don’t want to stop and i’ll never giving up

The heat of the day and the cold of the night that i perceived
I’ve been falling, drowning, lost but my spirit continues to seek

Until I see the light
This is where my life begins
Until I see the light
This is not the end of a journey
Track Name: The Boundaries Towards of Lost Love

The morning welcomes you with eyes closed
The east light comes down to your house
It is time wake you up from a long night
Trying to forget the pain that is still hidden

You walked away from everyone who cares about you
And stuck here with all the choices that you’ve made
Your reflection in the mirror described your emotions
But you swore to yourself, this nightmare will end soon

The saddest part is that you feel angry and desperate
It will be the lesson that you have to be able to accept the lost love
Like day and night that’s constantly changing and can never be the same
But you swore to yourself, this nightmare will end soon
Track Name: Witness

And I'm stuck in a question that made me silent
Should we be in the same feeling at this time?
Long before the 30th day, the time began with a lot of expectation
Until the last day of summer
I’ll never forget it

You always said good morning when I woke up
Did things I've never done when the night illuminated our way
But when it rained at the end of December
I could only see you from a picture in my room

Time was moving so fast when I was with you
You left a lot of memories in my mind
Remember when we were under the blue sky with sand and water
You made me believe
And when we were so far apart
You convinced me to be closer

You will be the witness of all my past
Thank you for being a part of my life
And when something has been replaced by a pen on the paper
The time will never be able to repeat
Track Name: Run Out of Time

I've lost of my vision
My sore throat are digging for answer
What I've done not helping again
When he dark meet the sun
The world makes their own decisions

My feet can't prof again
My bones are shaking again
Are you not scared, with unexpected tragedy?
Yes you are not

Run out of time
Listen to unspoken words telling what choiceyou have
A broken teeth make my lips bleeding
And my eyes can't see a truth anymore

To blind to see
To deep to hear

Blindfolded by the lights
Seing clearly by the dark
Search for helping but nowhere to hide
I've lost of all my time